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Default Baby Budgie Sleeping & Swing ?’s

You guys my baby budgie almost 10 weeks old now and she sleeps at the bottom of her cage nestled under the food dish. I have paper towels covering the bottom grate so it’s soft there. She used to sleep in the little coconut hut but I removed it after learning from here that it can cause aggression and hormonal surges. Is sleeping on the bottom of the cage typical? She’s never slept on a perch. It looks like she’s laying down almost because she squeezed herself under the food dish.

Also, I put a swing in her cage and had her step up on it. After a few minutes She swayed and then rolled forward and flopped off into the cage. She’s never been on a swing so I’m guessing she lost her balance? She climbs all over the cage and perches during the daytime. Seems Not interested in the swing after that first try.

Are these just baby budgie behaviors? Does she need more time to adjust? Advice welcomed. thank you in advance for helping this new nervous budgie mom lol