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Default New Budgie not tame but wanting to come out

Hi everyone, please can anyone help and advise....
Brucie arrived late yesterday. He's about 3 to 4 months old and I bought him from a breeder, he'd been in an aviary with all his friends.
Today's been good, really successful for his first day in his new cage and surroundings.
He's explored, eaten, tweeted and wasn't distressed when I gently put my hand in his cage. I've sat and talked to him gently most of the day with my head to one side.
However tonight his behaviour has changed. He clearly wants to escape and fly. He's climbing the cage walls, hanging upside down from the roof and generally scratting to get out. Also flapping his wings trying to fly. He's now managed to sit himself on the top of his swing, not the perch part, so he's against the roof.
I'm worried the bonding we were achieving earlier will be lost if he's not settled.
Obviously he's not hand tame as yet so what I'm wondering is if he carries on like this tomorrow should we risk it and let him out even though he's not tame and not 'attached' to his cage yet?
Not sure what's best and would really appreciate some guidance, I just want to do the best for him so he's happy.