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Default The mysterious death of a 42-day-old chick

Hello everyone,
I was hoping you might help me find the answer to a question that has been tormenting me for about a month.

As I wrote in my introduction thread, my budgies, Sid and Stella, had a total of five chicks, but two of them died.
The first one, nicknamed "Valentino" (because they were born on 14th February), died when they were 15 days old. It didn't surprise me because I knew how fragile the chicks are when they are in the nest.
But the second one, Ambra, died when she was 42 days old and it was shocking because it was totally unexpected and I couldn't figure out what caused her death.

She was out of the cage because she liked to be with us, every time she saw me, or my relatives, she started running on the bottom of the cage to tell us she wanted to go out.
At one point, she seemed tired, and was falling asleep, so I put her in the cage, on the bottom, because she rarely used the perches.
Some minutes later, I found her immobile, with her wings open and her eyes closed, and she was wheezing.
I took her and she was completely stiff, and passed away in my hands in few minutes.

Keep in mind that:
- She had hit the walls while flying several times, and she had also lost a little bit of blood from the cere due to an impact once. She might have hit the wall too hard before dying.
- A metal chair that was folded fell on the floor while she was in the cage, making a lot of noise. Perhaps that scared her to death.
- She lost some feathers during the two/three days before her death. That could be related.

What do you think was the cause of her death?

Thanks in advance!

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