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Question rescued a budgie...please help me i cant see them like this

hello, please help me i cant see them like this,
i am new here one fine evening i heard some low chirruping near my flat top after searching for the same found a bird in despair condition , tired , hungry, afraid and seems like she was hiding . so with some help from neighbor i got her out , so everyone told me keep her , i didnot even knew her breed kind name ..for me it just a bird cute little which didnot want to go off my hand . so i kept her waited for few days if someone will come looking for her.
finally i went to pet shot and brought a small cage . the shopkeeper told me it was budgie and hand tamed weed and healthy also i should not keep her alone , which i bought a small budgie(disco) to keep her company . after a week they started to get along making chirruping in home near my computer .
the problem is they are always fighting always so much beaking that i have to interrupt . the small budgie always wants to play with the bigger one and she bite him for the same they are not fighting for food water or space it is just small one wants to live near bigger which she does not like what to do
i am not in position to bring separate cases for them