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Default Male or female?

Hello! I'm really happy there is a forum for lovebird lovers, as I have a question about my grandparents' peach-faced lovebird, Pippo.
Despite they have a boy's name, we don't really know if they are male or female.
I have read that you can only determine the sex of a lovebird with a DNA test, so, even though Pippo showed "male behaviour", like trying to mate with a piece of crumpled paper towel and never tucking the strips of paper he makes in their tail feathers (despite making a lot of strips), I'm not assuming that they are male.
However, my grandparents own Pippo since 2009/2010, and we know from the birds' leg band that they were born in 2008. Is the fact that Pippo, who is about 11 years old, never laid an egg in 9/10 years enough to think they are male?
Thanks in advance!