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Unhappy Got my new budgie

Hello everyone, Hope you're all having a good day.

I've recently got myself a young budgie, cannot identify its gender just yet so sadly will have to refer to it as it.

I've got the cage setup, got it water in both a bowl and a dispenser as i didn't notice it drinking from the dispenser and wanted to be sure it was getting what it needed. It's got its food, millet, treat and a few toys and the cage overall is not too big but big enough for the single budgie - I do intend on taming it once it's settled into the new home.

I've had it for about 2 days and it quietly sits by my window until it hears other birds outside (We have a sparrow nest in the hedge near our garden) and then it starts chirping away which makes me happy to hear but then starts flying around a bit, it's cooled down since the 1st time it did it but it has me thinking.

Basically there's a few questions I have which I hope someone could help me with, I didn't go buy one the day i considered, i did my research but some specific things need to be made clear to me.

Should I start trying to tame it now so it is not lonely?

How can I make sure it knows where its food are?

I talk to it calmly often and gentry stoke the cage in hopes it will not see my hands as danger, is there any other way of interacting with it until it's out and about from the cage?

It sits there listening to me talk to my friends while I'm on my PC, someone it always around.

Well sorry for the rant, this is my 1st post and not too use to threads.

Thank you all in advance and have a nice day 😊

- Dougie