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this is all my fault i should have never given her the medicine. Plus when i called the emergency on sat to talk to my vet he said he would be there on sun if cutie needed medical help when i called on sun since her choking still did not go he didn't even call back but only left message with the emergency that it is probably from the medication without even listening to me i appreciate it was bank holiday but then why commit to say you will do something when you don't care. I am trying to record what cutie is doing to see if there is something serious or not. Can a vet really not do anything if there is aspiration of meds I really cant believe the amount of ignorance this is even after spending more than 600.

cutie is doing something like this but she tries to vomit but nothing comes up however yesterday she did vomit some pellets.
Pazukie: choking or sneezing, or both? - YouTube

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