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Hi all,
Going to be a bit sporadic with postings for a few weeks. Between finals and some life stuff things are getting kinda hectic.

Good news is I have one final down! Took me a solid hour to sort out one question on the practical (Linux scripting for anyone who cares) but I eventually found what I was missing and got it working the way I wanted it to. Gave me a tension headache but I'll live.

Not so good news... Maru broke a blood feather over the weekend. We went out Saturday to run some errands and when we got back a few hours later his wing was bloody. Its not a full break, the primary is still there and by the time we got home the bleeding had stopped. I'm sure the feather will fall out before too long. He has also dropped another clipped that's one more primary that's growing in. This doesn't sit well with me. On one hand it could just be due to his clip and his feathers not being protected as they grow in (compared to the un-clipped birds who have the surrounding feathers to protect the new blood feathers as they grow in, per my vet) couple that with his noticeable lack of grace when moving around and its entirely possible that he is just doing something wonky that breaks the feather. On the other hand I have the ordeal that was Max in the back of my mind. We decided that was due to diet and I worry I'm not doing something right with Maru's diet. I have him on the red palm oil adult life time pellets and high potency as a mix to get some vitamin A in him since someone is fussy about his veggies... We will continue to keep an eye on things and hope the tail feather and which ever clipped primary he dropped recently will come in without issue.

I might not do any training for a bit but I will keep you all informed on any random news with the birds!
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