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Blingy thank you so much for your kind reply actually I'm completely new to budgies. So I cannot understand their behavior. Can you please help me understand this?
All the three are a little angry sometimes to each other but not aggressively just open their beak and some slow calls. Also they are not paying any attention to food other than millet. They just sit on a perch on their specific positions not allowing the other to sit there or they just pick and chew the dried grass on cage bottom and do not notice any other toy, swing etc. While the yellow female sits on the nestbox moving her had and body side to side quickly and does not allow the other female there while the second one also go inside the nestbox and the male guards the box then. No more activity other this. I don't know why they are doing so? Is this their breeding season? Why are they ignoring toys, fruits etc? What should I do in such situation?