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Grate thanks for your help.
First time user lol
ok ill try to add some photos.

First photo is of my avairy i built.

Second photo is of my breeding cages i built, i have another set of two breeding cages on top the the one pictured for a total of 4 breeding cages. (I don't colony breed my birds)

Third photo is of my Male - Yellow face type ll opaline sky blue

Fourth photo is of my Female - Opaline Greywing Cobalt

They have 6 babies
Opline Clearwing sky blue

Opaline Cobalt

Opaline dilute sky blue

Yellow face type ll Opline dilute sky blue

Opaline Clearwing sky blue

Yellow face type ll Opaline Clearwing sky blue

I hope that works!

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