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Exclamation I caught my budgies mating (I can't have any more budgies!)


I brought two new birds last month to keep my old budgie company after his friend died and at the time I believed they were both males as the hen had a light blue cere.

She now has a dark brown cere, I heard a commotion about 1 hour ago and I just walked in on the two new birds mating.

I have been trying to cover every dark/nest friendly area I can think of, I even noticed them going under the bed during playtime, So I blocked all the gaps up with newspaper.

I have limited their daylight hours and close the curtains about 3 hours before it gets dark

I have looked around for signs of a nest but I can't find anywhere.

I cant have any more budgies, my landlord is already being accommodating by letting me have 3. I know that it also difficult to find them new homes.

Because I dont want her to have any babies, how can I stop her eggs from hatching if she lays them? I have purchased fake eggs so if she lays do I just replace them?

Please help!