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Originally Posted by Elenacam View Post
I am not a Ver but a Budgie of mine had that problem and the Avian Vet said it was fue to lack of protein during the process of molting. Feathers require/ are made mostly with/ of protein. I had to give him soy protein, egg white and a bird meant supplement... In a month he was already looking MUCH better.

I was worried Peanut could be lacking some protein too, but he has a great diet, with a bit of seed, 2 types of pellets, herb salad, fresh veggies, sprouted seeds and fresh (safe) leaves from the garden. He occasionally has hard boiled egg but I could probably give it more often. We saw the vet this afternoon and she was pleased with Peanuts weight and his overall condition. I showed her the photos of his rough moult and she feels it was just a difficult moult, especially as heís looking a lot better now and he remained happy in himself. If I feel like anything isnít quite right going forward, Iím to take him back and sheíll take blood. We donít want to put him through the trauma of having blood taken if thereís no need so we decided against doing it today.

Sounds wise

Sounds it will go well

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