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Originally Posted by bedford View Post
So I have two budgies both ladies, I would like more but I don’t want to end up in a bad situation. I want to introduce a male budgie, now I’m wondering should I go with two males or just one?

I don’t know if it’s my human mind / budgies think differently but my way of thinking is... if the boy budgie bonds to one of my girls the other budgie will feel left out and unloved.

I would like to breed one of my budgies in around 4 years or so.

What are your views on a two girl one boy cage / two girl two boy cage / leave it at two girls?

Thank you for your help ^^
If you have two boys two girls you may get a bonded pair and the two boys will be friends, kiss and feed each other lol. I would think that would be better than three!

Each bird has their own temperament and personality, some females are alpha and aggressive some are sweeter than boys and timid.. boys are affectionate and can be controlling.. they will bond if they like each other.. I would do two boys two girls