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Default Budgies health hazard

So, I lost two of my budgies. One died of tumor, other was undiagnosed, maybe megabacteria but the results weren't conclusive. Anyway, I'm left with two and I'm really worried about them. I wouldn't want any of them to live alone. I always wanted to have at least two so they have bird friend.
When I mentioned this to a vet, and she is an avian vet, she told me that I should really reconsider having another bird because I have a baby and I'm planning my next pregnancy. She told me birds can pose a risk for pregnant women and babies and that I should keep my baby away from them.
I was really taken aback with this. I know they are dusty and this can irritate lungs and I know they can carry some disease, like bird flue but I've had mine for 5 years now. Shouldn't they show symptoms by now?
I understand the concern regarding a new bird and she told me that breeders are require to do tests for illness but only on 10% of the flock, so that's 90% of not tested birds. But if they have something contagious, wouldn't that affect them all? What do you think about these statements?