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Post Help With Setting Up Quarantine Cage?

Hello all,this is my first post here,though I've been a big fan of your site for years. I have a male budgie who's 1 year and 5 months and I'm going to get him a new young female companion soon (however I have read extensively on how great male companions are as well, and of course how to prevent breeding).

I bought a huge (by standards where I'm from,though pretty normal worldwide-30*18*18) flight cage recently,because I would like both of them to live together eventually.

I'll be using this flight cage as the quarantine cage. It just came with your regular plastic perches and food bowls. But I bought new Booda comfy perches,and real wood perches and bridges to replace these.

My dilemma is my male budgie,when I bought him,ended up having a mite problem and I have treated him since,taken to the vet and everything,and he hasn't shown signs recently.

I'm worried my new budgie may have the same issue,because I may be getting her from the same shop as my male. (I have exhausted the search for the specific mutation I want with reliable shops and breeders)

And I know with mites you have to thoroughly clean everything during treatment and potentially throw away the wood or bake them which would be difficult for me to do (financial wise as they were shipped)

My issue is do I just leave the plastic perches in for now temporarily for the quarantine period (at the cost of scaring the new budgie later with new perches), or keep all the perches in,including the wooden perches? Would vinegar cleaning eradicate the potential mites if soaked in it?

Bottom Line: My new budgie may potentially have mites, do I just leave the plastic perches in my new cage just for the quarantine period,or set up the new cage with all the new comfy and wooden perches one time (and if mites do show up,can vinegar eradicate them in the new perches?)