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So, I have always sworn I would NEVER support a pet store but I had a moment of weakness yesterday. One little guy kept coming up to the glass and was so curious and friendly. He was already an adult so I asked the manager his age. Apparently they arrive at the store when they are approximately 3 months old and the store had had him for 6 months. It broke my heart that he had probably never seen sunlight and had been forced to live in such over-crowded conditions for so long. He is very sweet (although understandably still a bit in shock), and appears to be in good health.

I know that by “saving” him, I am actually dooming many others, and I am pretty angry with myself for my act of selfishness. Should I return him so that I can reclaim my morals, or allow myself keep him despite being fully aware of the practices that were probably used to raise him? Thoughts please.
One man's opinion ;

The time for restraint was , of course , before you bought him . Now , that you have bought him , it has to be all about him . How do you think he's gonna fare if you bring him back to the Hellhole you rescued him from ? Keep him , love him , and stay away from the pet store bird display in the future , a lesson well learned ...
Post up pictures if you can! Sounds like a cutie!