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Today I was sitting at my desk like normal and I just got back with a glass cup with some ice and soda. I was drinking and Mercedes was sitting in front of me and he started having interest in it and I put the cup up to him and and he started acting like he was going to drink from it so I pulled it away and got up and got a glass cup with water. I put it in front of him and he started drinking and then hopped on the side and put his foot in and then almost fell in and flew away. After a few minutes I put him back on the cup and he started drinking again and then dunked his head in and came out with wet sneezes. He kept dunking his head for a while until he decided that he wanted to jump in and I caught him before he did because it was a full cup of water. I tried putting water in a red glass bowl but he was scared of it. Though most of the reason he dunked his head in the water is because he is head molting a lot. I'm just glad he tried to take a bath.

Update: got him to do it in the bowl Taking a bath - YouTube

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