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Default Concern about clipped wings.

Budgie #2, Junior, is getting close to the end of quarantine. He came to me with a full wing clip and I have his perches set low but very often he misses his mark and crashes to the cage bottom, 16" down. He flaps a bunch to soften the landing and I have ladders for him to get back up.

Budgie #1, Harry, is in a F040 with the high perch at 30". I'm concerned that Jr. might crash too hard if he ends up in that set-up. Should I put the F040 perches really low when transfer time comes?

Being that neither bird is tame I have no control over which cage they decide to co-habitat in. I'm thinking that seeing how Harry can fly he might choose to go into Junior's smaller cage which would be ideal until Junior gets his feathers back. It's 23x20x29 high. I think that is big enough for 2 budgies temporarily?