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Goldenwing will become famous soon enoughGoldenwing will become famous soon enough

I love these! Here are some more:

*People greet you by asking about your bird
*When you take your pet to work, everyone knows because of the noise she makes (Does anyone else take their pet to work ever? I have a job that means she can some times even help me by cheering people up)
*You see a white spot on your clothes and assume it is poop
*Your computer screen has lots of little smudges where your bird licked it
*The decorative mirror in your living room is covered most of the time
*You have to be careful about leaving the bathroom door open because your bird likes to go in and perch on the mirror or play with the toilet paper roll
*Your coworkers find feathers at work and know who they belong to. This happened to me last week. And I hadn't even brought my bird there recently. The feathers just stick to me.
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