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Default Something is wrong with my budgie

Hello. I have a problem with my budgie. I have him since February 2019. So it is 6 months. I want to say that budgie ate cardboard at the beginning. I thought he only bites them, but I noticed later that he ate it. Here's photo.

But nothing wrong happened after this. Everything was ok. But I noticed from about a month that something wrong is happening with budgie. First I noticed that his poops are strange. I stopeed giving him vegetables and fruits etc, but nothing changed. Here's photo of this poops.

For me it isn't normal poop. The thing were getting worse in the last two weeks. Budgie started more sleeping in the day, and in the last 5 days I noticed problems with flying. He's flying like he is too heavy or weak. He barely can fly. I need to carry him on the perch. Otherwise he fall on floor.
I don't know what happened to him. When I bought him everything was ok. My only idea is that he ate those cardboard and this caused this.
I also tried to give him active carbon, but he don't want to eat it.

I also have second budgie that live with him but second budgie don't have any problems.

Please help.