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Default Separation, permanent?

I've mentioned before about my girls bickering a lot. Since then I have introduced a male into the mix which seemed to help some as the antisocial angel got a reprieve from so much attention.

The last couple weeks the fighting has started back up though and now the male has joined in with the bullying.

It was getting to the point that angel was having a hard time eating, they just never left her in peace.

I went ahead and separated angel today. Everyone is confused and angel doesn't understand why she can't get to the big cage.

She had a nice meal in peace though and is being entertained by me. Even though she is anti social with the other birds, she seems really interested in people. I'm going to work with her, I think she has great potential to be a very sweet, tame bird.

My question is will this separation absolutely need to be permanent or should I try to introduce her back into the flock at some point in time?

Stella and Drew seem pretty content being alone.