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Default Yellow Urine

I've noticed for the past 3 days JD's urine has been yellow. The urate is white and the poop itself is a normal green color. I have no idea except stress for the reason its happening. I've ignored it since I thought it was stress but its sticking around. He drinks water and eats a lot. Whenever Mercedes eats he is right there. They are both pigs when it comes to eating haha. I've added nothing to his diet. Not even any veggies because I'm waiting on it. Mercedes never had this problem nor did Trickee. The only urine color I've seen is clear. The only thing I could think of is the calcium block in the cage which I wouldn't even think that would do it.

At the moment his diet consists of, Zupreem Sensible Seed and their Zupreem finch pellets which I've never seen them touch. Neither of them actually. I even put millet in the bowl to entice them but they just eat the millet and scram.