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Default New Budge is trembling

Hello, please can you help?

I finally bit the bullet and collected myself a new Budge yesterday (Saturday). I lost my little man a few years ago and its taken me ages to get another, but here I am.

Ernie is eating and drinking but he seems to be trembling constantly. It's not just when you go up to the cage. He is incredibly tame and does not appear to be nervous at all. He doesn't flap around the cage nervously on approach but likewise, seems alert and interested in what is going on. I can only see this tremble by looking at his tail. It does not look like tail bobbing thankfully. With any other pet, I would run them down to the vet but I'm concerned that would cause tremendous stress at this early stage.

I'm hoping it's just because his in a new environment and the he will settle. I'm obviously not expecting you to diagnose or replace a vet but I would be very grateful if you could offer any advice or experience.

The breeder has been very helpful but is at a loss as to what could be wrong, if anything, other than nerves.

Thanking you in advance