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Unhappy Two Budgies In one cage

Hello, I'm extremely new to world of birds and budgies, I recently got a budgie (Charlie)*a month or two ago (9 weeks old) Everything was fine, I managed to tame him and he was extremely affectionate (Usually rolling around in my hand and cuddling), It took me a few weeks to tame him and get him like that, everything was fine and he seemed happy with the exception he would bite everything? mainly always nibbling at my hand I believe he thinks I like it.(Unsure Though)

I have recently had to get another job so I though Id get another budgie to keep him company (Snot), I had asked the vet and done a little research before hand but I was getting conflicting results in how to properly approach*it, I had decided to ask the vet opinion*if its safe and if its okay to put a new baby budgie(9 weeks)*in with charlie, even though he's tamed and has been on his own since I have got*him,* the vet said it would be fine to put them both in the cages together and there shouldn't be an issue. only to find that he was Inaccurate in what he told me,* what I should of down was get a separate cage keep them separate and then let them get used to each other, Instead there now sharing the same cage and charlie avoids Instead of coming to my hand when i put it in the cage he walks away from me and he gives the impression he doesn't like me no more ( Which Is understandable) Charlie often bites snots feet but not aggressively, very gently, but charlie often tries to go to snot and what looks like kiss him? (Not sure accurate term is) but snot always flies away and then that's when charlie tries*bites snot feet.

Is there anyway to rectify this for charlie and Snot so they can get along better and for charlie to be close to how he was before, for snot I just want him to be happy and comfortable so I can tame him and let him out the cage without worrying about him (Snot got out while I was cleaning there cage and it took nearly hour*to get him back in)
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