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Originally Posted by justmoira View Post
eep, this is a toughie. I've lived in a place that had mice while having my budgies, but I also had cats at the time and the cats made the mice leave. They were very attracted to the budgies' food.
If you can, store the food in another room than the budgies' cage. Make sure to clean the budgies' cage and all around the cage after every meal. If possible, move the cage to a different room completely as well for a while.
Snap traps are also very dangerous to your budgies, so I would not let them out in a room where they could encounter a trap.
Cinnamon is fine for budgies to eat.
Thanks so much for this! I think I'll try storing the food upstairs, as we haven't seen too many of the mice up there.
I wish I could move the cage actually. I've been wanting to give them a bit more sunlight, but their cage is so big it doesn't fit through the door without being taken apart, and I don't want to cause them a bunch of stress by moving them around while I take it apart.
Thanks for the input.

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