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Default Advice what "thought"was prolapse isn't

Hi we have 12 yr old Chloe (an 6 others)we thought she had a cloacal prolapse I made vet appoint (drive never showed)I did a lot of praying, while waiting,I bathed her cleaned the dry poop of her but lubricated her up good an done what I could with what we have gavin the homemade pedialyte so dehydrated an constipated so I put little vegetable oil on (the only thing she will eat)bread. Well after 3 days I couldn't believe my eyes, it has been almost a month since the discovery of what thought was prolapse. She has not touched her food "nothing" I said to my partner,"i'm surprised she has not starved by now" well while this been taking place she''s been down in her basment(a hole she picked in newspaper bottom if cage she goes down stays down was for days/nights.) Also the 2nd night she was unsteady on her perch we thought this is it. Again can't believe what's been going on also though out this our male budgie has not left her side cleans her keeps the other birds away and to our big surprise he has been feeding her the entire time that's why she was pooping)he''s been keeping her alive feeding her her poop has gone from none to popcorn/dry to almost normal color is kaki colored but wow unbelievable I am hoping anyone can give me/us some advice. Throughout this whole situation she, with some help from the budgie gang an of course, us she's a tough old bird. We been watching her very closely all them 2 nights ago was the 1st time in 12yrs she spent the night in another cage other than he own. The other 6 are in a large cage. Close been with us prior to the others an always had her own cage. I think our male (Bob)is keeping her so close he''s made her feel comfortable enough to spend the night only 2 ights tonight she is "out of routine big-time. She couldn't make her mind up to stay in our large cage or not. Finally, she got on me an went to hers she started chirping after her cage was covered. Her an Bob chirping back n forth to each other. But she finally settled. I don't want to take her off her routine trying to keep everything as normal as usual. We are still seeing transportation to our vet. Looking for some advice as to what would be going on where she started with what we "thought" was a cloacal prolapse was not. What would have that of been? I don't want to put her in a car an drive an hour an half to a strange atmosphere (vet) unfamiliar people. I would never want to put that kind of stress on her if she is just getting ready to leave this world from old age. That would be the worst way for her to go out. Does anyone have any advice, ideas,input of any kind? She has been sleeping all day an night her youth has definitely faded an faded fast. Thank God she is surrounded by loved ones. I do have pictures of her butt/vent and then after when it cleared up. I am still beside myself as to what that could have been. Thanks, everyone for your time. Still learning the site that's taking me a while, I'm getting there. This is Chloe on her cage, and the 2nd Picture is Chloe with what we "thought" was a cloacal prolapse. 3rd photo is where it cleared up after the couple days of keeping her area clean. Then there is Chloe and Bob in the large cage Bob is the one that's been feeding her. I have quite a bit of experience with the parakeet but this is a 1st. Attachment 243812 Kodeek an Chloe an the GangAttachment 243812 Hope this 1st post from this Newbie turned out ok
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