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Default New budgie bites to get food

My new English budgie was handfed amd she is currently coming up to three months old. She likes people, loves head scratches, but still doesnt like to step up unless she is trying to get out of the cage or trying to go somewhere like to get food.
I am teaching her to step up right now but I noticed she will usually bite (not really a bite, more like a nibble) my my finger before stepping onto it. I usually ignore that because i feel like she is just trying to make sure my finger is stable.
But when I'm feeding her, she will always bite (real biting, but not painful) me to get more food. I know it isnt because she is being mean or is mad at me, but she is doing it to get food from me. I usually just leave my finger so she knows thats not the answer to making my hand leave, and I try not to give her any treats either in those moments but its hard because it always happens when I am trying to feed her to train her.
So what do I do in these situations? Is leaving my hand there the right thing to do or is it teaching her that its okay to bite me?
I also noticed that is likes to bite the metal bars of the cage. Even when she is outside of the cage. Does she simply need more chew toys? Im not sure what to do because none of my other budgies have ever bitten me for any reason whether they were handfed or not.