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You know how people have different love languages? Do you think parrots could have that too?

If they do, what other ways do they like to be loved? I've had success with my other budgies with treats, one on one time (which included talking, letting them sit on my head and shoulders, and letting them crawl and chew on my clothes), and kisses. But none of those really work for this girl. She enjoys treats but isnt motivated my them. My previous two would go nuts for seeds and millet but this girl doesn't care. Sometimes ill put millet in front of her and she will completely ignore it.

She likes to chew stuff so ive had some success playing with toilet paper with her (to chew on). But again, that depends on her mood.

She does have interest sometimes when i try to feed her fresh/new foods. She will try to eat them from my hand inside the cage but its the same story where as soon as the food is gone, so is she.

I just really want to learn how she wants to be loved. I originally bought her because i knew my male would be much happier with another bird. My first female passed away and the boy lived alone for a year. We bonded a LOT over that year, but I decided to get another girl for him anyways. It was a tough decision for me but i got her anyways, and was devastated when my boy died just a few weeks later. I was completely expecting him to outlive this girl because he was a standard budgie and she is an english.

Every time i watch her play alone or turn away from me im always reminded of my boy because he would have never done that, and thats why it hurts so much.

I understand every pet has its own personality, and i guess whatever future pets i get might be better for me to get as adults so i know what to expect. But since she is different, I just want to know what else i can do to at least try bonding with her.

I was really happy at first that she let me give her head scratches, but now she never lets, ever since she went through a heavy molt.

She just finally willingly sat on my hand but it was because she wanted to chew on my fingers really hard

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