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So my oldest budgie Pippy (she's 8 ) and my youngest Sky (she's 2) are both laying eggs, they're in a separate room from the boys, I have them on a strict 6-8 cover schedule...they're not sitting on the eggs, they're not territorial over them, I can reach in and touch the eggs or the bird they don't care at all, is there a way I can stop them? I have no idea why they keep laying. Pippy has been doing this for almost a year now, Sky just started doing it a few months ago. Pippy also has her own cage, Sky shares with her sister Cloud, and they do fight sometimes, but I keep their cage open most of the time, so normally they're exploring about the livingroom or sitting on Pippy's cage. It hasn't effected their health as much as I can tell, the only big thing is the twins fighting.

Any help appreciated, if I can stop it I would like to, but I mainly just want to know why...
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