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Default Changing House

Hello All;

Last sunday I moved to my parents house due to corona virus outbreak. They're old and have needs and I work remote. So I collect my things and moved their house till end of the outbreak.

My budgies cage is really big they can fly in it but my original house is really big and designed for budgies. They had so many space to fly and purches and whenever I'm home they always can go out of cage and room temp. was around 25-27 C degree.

In this house there is so many things around and they are really scare being out of cage. They sleep in my room and room is quite small and I think they can not sleep well at nights I'm not sure. and room temp. is about 22-24 C degree

Since sunday, first yellow one is little bit quite and not eating so much but last two days he seems little bit himself again chirping eating also playing. But blue one is getting quieter last 3 days, despite he was really well since travel. sometimes his poop is only water there is no solid parts. I have guardian angel and before the road trip ( last saturday which it takes about 10-11 hours in small traveling cage in car ) I started to add their water but yesterday I dont add any. I thought it can be so much. but I'm not sure. ( I use 100ml water and 4 pinches of GA ). Should I continue to use it?

I'm so worried because I can not take them to vet. due to virus outbreak right now. the only sympthom is watery poop. eating well and sometimes playing also but quiter then usual.

if you give me some advice I'll be reall happy.

Stay safe,thanks in advance.