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Default Patience is key!

Me again, after a long, long while. We originally had 2 budgies, Coco and Auston, but found that they weren't really getting along, and eventually we gave the female budgie Auston to a very nice lady who is taking care of her.

We kept Coco the male and have had him for 3 years now. He's been a cage bird the entire time and myself and the kids never seemed to be able to hand train him.

Well apparently we just weren't patient enough.

Since we've all been home with this covid-19 stuff, we've spent ALOT more time with Coco and talking to him consistently. He seems to finally be starting to trust us, and lo and behold, he goes onto our hands to eat treats now. He is addicted to millet. Every day now he approaches the cage door and is looking for us to feed him. The kids are really enjoying this new found friendship now.

I'd like to eventually take him to the stage where he can come out of the cage to get some play-time. I've ordered a play set for him that he can go onto outside the cage, and I hope he takes to it.

Should I continue on this path of hand-feeding/training him, what is the best way to coax him out of the cage? As it stands now, he's right at the open door of the cage while we feed him, so it seems like he's getting comfortable, I don't want to force it though.

Here he is just yesterday on my hand and eating

As you can see, he's fairly comfortable right in my hand, but I don't know how I should proceed to the next step.