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Well, we just had an adventure lol

As I was working in the basement, my middle daughter was hand feeding Coco at the door of the cage. Coco flew out, and the kids got scared. They came to get me and i told them to just let him be, he'll eventually want to go back to the cage. He hung out on the TV, the window sill, the railing, and then finally after a few hours got really comfortable.

He seems to really love my youngest 8 year old daughter. She was just on the iPad on the couch and he kept walking up close to her shoulder to see what she was doing. She was nervous but i told her to stay calm, everything was fine. I got some millet in my hand and called him and he flew right over to eat from my hand. I then calmly walked him back to the cage.


All in all he had a good 3-4 hours out of the cage flying around. We got some pictures of him out of the cage finally!

On my finger

Hanging with my daughter checking out what she was up to