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Default Budgie Rapid Breathing

Hi all, as the title says I have a bird who has been breathing rapidly for a while. I know the typical advice is to take the animal to an avian vet, but I’ve already done that. The vet checked his air sacs and opened his mouth but found nothing wrong. He couldn’t really give me an explanation as to why the bird might be doing this. I know it’s summer here, but I live in the basement, and the air is almost always on, so if anything he would be cold. He’s his excitable, noisy self otherwise, and doesn’t do the rapid breathing thing all the time. Just more than is normal, so, naturally. I’m concerned. I would like to take him back, but my questions are: is there anything I should ask for to be checked out specifically/tests that could be run? Or do you all know of any conditions that would escape initial detection? Much appreciated.