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I wish you had written this yesterday morning

The "operation" went well. He can already move and perch easier. Is it possible that he noticed we did something that helped him? He actually seems more calm and less anxious. While uncovering the covers today he almost didnt nervously move at all. He's returning noises somewhat well and seems calmer in general (not frozen with fear or something).

He actually seems a bit more vocal too, which is great.

I feel like we're progressing well, and the nail cutting didn't affect him much, besides him being maaybe a bit careful with things.

Hopefully we did a good thing, and I can move along with bonding with him as fast as possible

Another question actually.

The reason I said he was molting was that he actually has quite a few pin feathers on his head. I would say at one point he has around 5-10. Can this actually happen without him molting? I didn't notice him losing many feathers actually. Any idea what this might have been? It seems like his pin feathers are reducing actually Was this just some kind of weak molt? I've never experienced it before so I'm not sure how bad it gets in terms of feather loss.

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