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A little bit of an update.

I've changed my ways drastically. I no longer get frustrated what so ever, I am incredibly patient and understanding with my budgie. Things have improved drastically. He started being more vocal, more relaxed, would approach me and I talked to him with his cage next to me, etc.

However, lately things have worsened.

I mistakenly though he was done with molting, but he only just started it. He exploded with lots many pin feathers on his head.

He a lot more scared as well. He's actually having trouble eating, as ANY kind of smallest movement or sound (think the subtle sound of a mouse clicking sometimes scares him) will scare him off the food bowl and back onto a perch. Same thing if I ever even glance towards his direction while he's on the food bowl. This was always KIND of a problem before, but never THIS much. It seemed to have gotten worse. Is this normal behavior?

I honestly don't understand why this would happen again, as I have seriously not gotten frustrated or angry or in any way hostile towards him what so ever. If he's ever nervous I calmly talk to him and try to make him calm down and feel better. I am trying to not engage in activity with him as much, due to the moult, so I reduced our time together pretty drastically. I do still talk to him here and there, do our little whistle noise that we do to each other and so on, but mostly I leave his cage in his spot in the house.

Could this be why he's been getting more nervous again? Should I continue our interactions like usual, despite the moult?

Any general advice about this?

Thank you!