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Default Pet loss website

Lately I have noticed that many of you have lost your beloved budgie. Gratuitously, I came across this website if any of you can benefit by it.
Pet Loss Net

"We lost our puppy on June 16th to Parvovirus. It was heartbreaking, not to mention devastating. Was there anything we could have done differently? Guilt crept in like a plague, some how it was all our fault. I couldn’t keep thoughts like that out of my head so I went looking for support.

I found this site. It goes through the grieving process with you, helps you deal with your loss. I managed to realize that we did all we could for our little guy, and our vet did all he could. There was nothing for us to feel guilty about, it was just our puppy's time to go. We fought a long and hard battle to keep him going and in the end the disease won.

This site talks about dealing with grief, how soon should you get a puppy, pre-loss bereavement, euthanasia, creating a memorial, a final farewell, and how to cope with the loss of your pet. I read all of these sections and it was amazing how much truth there was in the words written on these pages.

I highly recommend the section "Some Questions on Loss". This section features user submitted questions and the answers are very thorough. It answered a lot of the questions rolling around in my mind.

If you have recently lost a pet, I highly recommend that you check this site out. If you have a pet that you know is going to that big field in the sky, you should check this site out. If you are thinking about euthanasia—this site can help you out.

Thank you all for letting me share this site with you."