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i would just like to thank everyone for their replies you all have given me hope. i dont know how the budgie died apart from it bleeding but when i picked the dead body up the lump was gone unless it got ripped off causing it to bleed. it makes much more sense that it is muck, my budgies arnt that tame so i hate lifting up lids on their boxes because they scream and im afraid they will ditch the babies but the box is filthy with poo and i thought it was just natural and since the boxes are bolted to the wall there isnt really away to clean it.
i am happy for people to post on other sites as any info is precious to me.
i am really afraid to put it in a bath because i dont know what im doing. wold a vet do this for me?
another thing is the lumps are only on the back toes but in the pic it just looks like it has grown on both front and back but the lump is just on the back
thanks again for all your replies.