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Originally Posted by Jimm-V View Post
Cinnamon and opaline are entirely different genes, not moving together. In other words, cinnamon means cinnamon only, opaline means opaline only. If both cinnamon and opaline are present, then both cinnamon and opaline appearing together. It depends on the cock whether what gene is he split to ? This also depends on his parentage whether you are aware of their mutation or not.
thank u for confirming that cinnamon and opaline are entirely different genes. which brings to my earlier question. if they are NOT moving together, then even if the cock is split for both cinnamon and opaline, the chicks do not have to get both genes together right? one chick could inherit ONLY the opaline, while the other inherits ONLY the cinnamon, and another might get BOTH cinnamon and opaline together. this is my understanding of how the genes might move.

Originally Posted by Jimm-V View Post
2many, you are right, probably I got the percentage wrong.

It should be :

If the skyblue normal male is split for cinnamon/opaline, the offsprings will be 25% green cinnamon opaline female, 25% green normal female split for blue and 50% green cinnamon opaline male. All offsprings will be green if the mother hen is not split for blue. If she is split for blue, then there will be both colours, green and blue.
IF they move seperately, then i assume the possible outcomes will include: cinnamon males/females,
opaline males/females,
cinnamon opaline males/females,
cinnamon males split to opaline,
opaline males split to cinnamon,
normal males split to opaline,
normal males slpit to cinnamon,
normal males split to both opaline and cinnamon, and
normal females.

(the above possibile outcomes are without color consideration)

i am no guru in genetics, but this is how i assume it would work from what i have read, from friends and the little experience of breeding budgies.

would appreciate if someone could shed some light on my confusion.