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Default Henry's passed away.

My dad woke me up this morning to tell me that Henry died. I don't know how it happened, and seeing as I have Bindi, (my cockatiel), I want to make sure it's nothing in the room's atmosphere.

Of course, there were a something about Henry's health that my mom and I noticed. For example, we put him in a different part of the room one day, only to realize that we put him in a part of the room that was apparently much more humid than the rest (it's wintertime, so we have the heater on.) His water dried out almost immediately, and we didn't realize this until the next day. We put him down from that spot once we found out and immediately gave him more food and water. (He was so thirsty that he was actually drinking water that splashed onto the perch he uses to get to his dish.) Even though he was (apparently) filled up with his feeding and watering, he still acted strange. He slept a lot more, and his senses seemed to be getting much more alert, (if I said his name in a quiet tone, he'd perk up his head and dart around like I was shouting; and lights always seemed to bother him.) He spent some time at the bottom of his cage a lot during this time, too, but at the time, my mom and I presumed that it was because his millet was usually falling there. He didn't eat vegetables at all, either before or after the overheating incident, and he got regular seed and the occasional small piece of fruit or millet.

In a way, I sort of feel bad; I'm not a very good crier when things like this happen. It's like I'd rather find the more logical way to explain this, and for me, that's closure, I guess... Tell me I'm not the only one like this.