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Originally Posted by 2many View Post
Weaning refers to a baby not yet eating on their own. It varies by bird; some can independently eat on their own by 4 weeks, and others take longer and need really close watching.

I was just talking about this tonight; I lost my first budgie very suddenly after having him only a week. My mom actually was extremely fortunate to find an avian vet (this was back in 1985; we actually still take our pets to this vet) who did perform a necropsy and found he had an intestinal infection. My understanding at the time is that he was probably not eating well on his own and that contributed to him being sick. My second budgie we adopted from a different pet store, and she was sick as well. We took her in and the vet told us she was not eating well on her own, and recommended baby bird formula. She hated it, but being a kid then I would carry her around and offer her things like bits of banana, pancakes, and muffins (she ended up loving such foods). She made it and was the longest lived budgie I ever had (8 years, 4 months and 11 days). I lost her to a tumor.

If you suspect a baby is not eating you need to provide either formula to supplement them, or lots of soft foods. If nothing else, millet spray, since most babies will eat that. You can always taper it off after several weeks. I think I remember that you do feed pellets; is it possible these babies don't recognise pellets because they were fed seed?

Pet stores won't always be willing to admit any wrongdoing. The store we got my first baby from refused to refund or replace (not that they could have ever done that), or even acknowledge that he had been sick. My mom even contacted a consumer advocate from one of the local news networks at that time, and still no luck. Educate yourself on the risks involved and be prepared for a baby who isn't weaned, and make sure you can handle supplemental feeding if necessary. I do agree that losing two babies so close together could mean something going on in the environment. Fumes, infection, spoiled food, are just a few things that come to mind for me.
on the new ones i didnt even try to convert them there prolly dieing because i live in a basement