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Default In loving memory of Kenny

yeah its been a week and two days or so .. jan 28th he died :/ just suddenly in my hand but he was wobbling on his perch and I did the mistake of trying to take him out and that just further shocked him I'm not even sure why he was wobbling but looked like confusion or lack of balance.. maybe it was a stroke I'm not exactly sure but he looked like he couldn't breathe and was trying really hard (suddenly not gradually)seconds after perching kinda limply on my hand looking kinda stunned and scared like screaming but it made no sense cause I was just letting him sit on me without doing anything to him but he did kinda throw himself against my closet .. which wasn't too hard but I think the solid wood art kit case that he slid down onto after hitting the closet door(which was just a flimsy cardboard door) did the final blow and again he leaped off my finger in fear cause he was always a timid bird and something was already up with him since he fell down in his cage and that's what spurred me to try to pick him up cause i'm really sympathetic and empathic it killed me to just watch it in front of me and I figured his time was coming soon anyway so might as well ease his pain( no not killing him) but at least hold him in his last minutes and pet him gently reassuring him. it was a really hard blow for me to see that happen cause I just had come home from buying bird seeds and my bird walked to the front of his cage on his bar and near tripped on his own feet so something was definately already wrong with him -_- he was 8 years old had a bald area over his cere.. not large but enough and slept almost all day... but I'll remember his bell ringing days when he'd tug the loops to get the bell at the bottom of the toy to ring(I was nice enough to put bigger bells on all but one of them) then one had the little closed bell and I surrounded his bar one time with 3 of them and he'd turn around and ring the other bell that sounded abit different.. I called him my bell ringing prodigy.. he's on youtube as "kenny the bell playing/attacking budgie" not long before he did that trick. and only two years ago anyway R.I.P kenny.. and.. ps what the heck just happened today? his food feeder that has a very solid round base flew off the top of his very flat bar style cage top and its a big cage lol flew right to my door entrance way from his at least a foot in one side of my doorway lol anywway.. makes me think he's still there.