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yyeah he fell off his perch after trying to get to his food but wouldn't eat then fell down and looked like he was dying just laying there exhausted looking then I tried to rescue him and he has a hand phobia so he flew out of the cage then he fell down onto my hard wood art kit that was closed and I guess that just further messed his system up that was already failing and sorry not two weeks ago but whenever the 28th was I suck at math ...

I picked him up gently didn't seem to be injured but he started screaming which wasn't typical I wasn't grasping him at all I just let him sit on my palm and he was screaming like he was scared but it sounded a little different and not loud like a weak scream then I put him on my bed on top of the sheets and he just started to contort and gasp for air then just .. well u can guess .. ok died.. tried to give him chest compressions but felt a barely flutter feeling and it wouldn't start back up guess his body just gave out. he was already fragile looking but I still feel bad.

I seem to get a new cage and new food bowls every time a budgie dies just in case it was something... but not sure if I can bring myself to replacing all his toys.. he loved them so much.

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