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thanks tonic

Originally Posted by tonic View Post
the yf should not affect the markings colour that much... but then photos are often 'off' in colour anyway...
is it a cock or a hen? was either parent a cinnamon? knowing that would help work out if a cinnamon is even possible.
it is a hen. her mom is a cobalt (no other visible mutation). dad is a skyblue yf (no other visible mutations). so both parents have to be split for either greywing or dilute (or cinnamon ) n dad has to be split for opaline.

thanks nev
the pictures helped a lot. articles on genetics and mutations make it sound so easy
nev, i am sorry i dont have another picture of the 1st budgie, i had her for a few months and exchanged her with a friend. put her picture as well to understand the dilute/greywing/clearwing mutations better.
i have paired the budgies in the 3rd and 5th pictures and have 5 eggs now (dont worry they are old enuff, the pictures are very old )
so guess the babies might give answers.

thanks guys