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Default How to Edit Your Profile

Your profile can tell a lot about yourself. If you want the other members to get to know you more, you should fill out your profile.

Note that not all fields on the Edit Profile page will apply to you, and all fields are optional. You're never required to disclose information you wish to remain private!

To edit your profile, go to your User CP and click on the Edit Profile link (in the left-hand column).

This guide will go through each section and explain what everything means.

The first field is Edit E-mail & Password. This is the only required field. However, note that you must click a button to edit this information. So if you need to change something else in your profile, you won't be required to fill in this information every time you change your profile. Click this button if you want to change the e-mail you registered with or to change your account password. Note that you will have to enter your current password to change any information on that page!

The next field, if you have enough posts, is the Custom User Title field. You may enter something in here if you want to display something other than Egg, Hatchling, etc. (ranks).

Next is date of birth. Again, this is optional. However, if you want to make your birthday public (but not your age), you may enter just the month and day. When you register, you are required to enter your birthday. But you might not want people to know your birthday and/or age. The next part of this field will help you change just that. You may choose to hide your birthday and age, display just your age, or display both your age and birthday. It's up to you.

Next up is your homepage. If you have a site about your budgies, you may enter the link to it here. Or if you have a page about yourself, you can enter that here as well. If you don't have any websites to share, just leave this field blank! (No links to competing websites may be added here. They will be removed.)

If you want to continue your newly founded friendships outside the forum, you may opt to include your instant messaging screen names in the next fields. There is a place for you to enter your MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, and Skype names. You may enter as many as you have. You need not fill in all of them if you only have one screen name.

The next field is the biography field. Here, you can talk about yourself. Let us know about you! Again, only enter what you feel comfortable with. You can choose not to enter anything at all too! Talk about yourself, your family, or your budgies here. Whatever you want. Make sure it's clean, too.

Location is next. Where do you live? It is not recommended to enter your exact location. For example, if you live in the US, it would be wise to go as exact as state. Any more specific than that is unsafe. Again, leave this blank if you feel uncomfortable entering anything here.

In the next field, you can enter your job/occupation, if you want.

Now we get to the budgie information! The first budgie-related field is Number of Budgies. Please only enter a numerical value here. (For example, 5. Not "I used to own 6, now only 3." That's too long.)

Favorite Budgie Name. Again, pretty self-explanatory.

Budgie Experience Level. Choose what you feel you are. Or choose the blank option if you're unsure.

Favorite Aspect of Budgies. What do you like best about taking care of budgies?

The next two fields are where you can get your flags displayed on your posts. If you want to display those flags, choose your country and state. Note that you must choose a country to have your state flag display. However, you don't have to choose a state to have your country flag display.

When you're done, hit the Save Changes button at the bottom. Hitting the Reset Fields button will clear the entire form! This is not recommended unless you want to start over again.