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Red face This Is Your Chance...

This Morning at 8:00 i Looked in Luna's Cage, and she was gone. Luna Was a fighter, big time.Im not sad that she's gone, well not completely. I Dont have to see her suffer anymore, i miss her so much and i cried so much. i still cant believe she's dead. all morning i have been trying to process this through my mind, but i just, i just hurts so much, it does. But Your Free now! you always hated being confined, but now you can be one with the moon, and rise at night fall. and when you do ill look up at you and smile, that will bee a constant reminder your watching over us, my little angel. i love you and ill miss you, Fly free. like you always wanted. you were always a free spirit.Now All i ask is that you join starla up there in that giant Foodbowl, shes been waiting for you ever since she went there. Dont forget me and dont pity me, dont forget i love you and that ill never replace you noone ever could, and my first child (if its a girl) ill name her luna, because you will always be my first baby. i cant stress that enough.i also cant tell you how much i love you. and you know what? the day i Die, ill join you and we will be together for a never ending time! put in a good word for me. Ill always remember the good times and how mischievous you were, hogging up the food, chewing on the ladder, hanging upsidedown from the cage ceiling, ring the bell, how you used to hide in my shirt, hog up the bird bath, you harassed the birds, and how much you loved me, and i remember the first time you flew. oh luna thank you, thank you, thank you.

All of you on talk budgies thank you for all your support

2nd Update When she was alive:2
1st update:1

-Jasmine Leiva


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