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Question Genetics/Mutations of bubs

Heya Members

I have been over the stickies etc many times about all the
genetics and mutations of budgies, yet the information has
gone astray, and on some points I have no idea what Im
looking at. So I have a question about my bubs.
Breeding Journal Of Grace and George:

George: Dominant Pied Mauve cock I guess \\ He also has clear flights? White flight feathers
Grace: Double Factor Dominant pied sky blue hen

We originally thought Grace was recessive pied, but her
Iris rings are now very visible.

Due to this pair's current bubs, Im now thinking George carries
the Opaline gene, as It doesn't seem it is visible. I have 4 Violet bubs that have come from these 2. I know... Violet!

These 2 have produced what looks like
2 opaline violet bubs.. Not sure on the pied factors.
and 2 white bubs with violet, one is dominant pied on back of head.

So how can you tell single & double factor dominant pieds?
And are opaline sex linked? How does this work?

Anything further I should know about these mutations?
I was once told they would produce 50% single factor and
50% double factor dominant pied chicks.

Please explain ^_^ Karma for helpful answers to all

Here's some pictures from today.
In order here
Bub 3, Bub 4, Bub 1, Bub 2

bub 3

bub 2

bub 4 & 2, Opalines?

Bub 2 then bub 4

bub 2

bub 1

bub 4

bub 1

bub 3