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Talking Omg my budgie is a double factor spangle!!!

Ok, I wasn't sure if I should put this post here or under "stories", but I guess it could go either way.

Short story here, 2 years ago I purchased my first budgie thinking it was an albino. And until last night I found out it wasn't an albino! I was looking at this website https://www.****************/colorsguide.html#spangle . Until I saw the spangle section. (I actually saw this site before but I was too lazy to look at them all and try to memorize it). And so last night I actually took time to read it and was surprised by what I found.

My only question is, can double factor spangles have red eyes that fade darker when they grow older? Because when I first bought her I thought she had red eyes = albino. But recently I purchased, what I'm pretty sure are 2 albinos, and noticed that my older/first one had darker eyes. So I was like, hmm that's funny. Plus I noticed that the albinos had no aparent cheek patches while my double spangle had white cheek patches that were, I guess you could say kinda reflective white, instead of nothing at all.

Ok, so here's a picture of Moonlight, my double spangle.

And here's a picture of 3 of my budgies, going back to forward, Moonlight, Buster, and Rosie. You can tell Rosie has very red eyes which is the albino factor, Buster has black eyes, and Moonlight has, I guess you could call it plum colored eyes. I know it's really hard to see but she has white irises and one of my other older albinos not in the photo has reddish eyes with blue irises.

So yeah, I'm pretty sure Moonlight is a double spangle, not an albino. I guess it's kinda funny.
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