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Default Help Identify My Budgies

Hey all, I got some pictures downloaded and I was hoping ya'll could help us identify our birds. I'll give my extremely humble and uneducated opinion and then ya'll feel free to correct me.

The first is a light green, dominant pied male, we think. He has the yellow patch on the back of his head, a few small patches on his belly, his tailfeather is completely yellow, and the bottom part of his feathers are as well. He still has a few faint lines on his forehead so I'm guessing he is around 4 months.

The second is an albino and we were told she's an 8 month old female. She's just getting the makings of a white iris. She also has a light blue sheen that is actually kind of pretty in the right light.

The third is probably the most fancy of the bunch. I was told she was a female about 8 months, but I think she is older. Her forehead lines have receded all the way back and she has a pretty decent size brown iris. She is much darker than she appears in the pics and has almost a purple tail so I've got her tagged as a Cobalt. To me she seems to be half English possibly. She's bigger and much more laid back, although flighty at times. In my opinion, she's got a pretty decent head and okay spots. I'm sure she's nothing special but she looks better bred than what I've found in the pet stores around here.

Thanks for taking the time to look and for any help you can offer!