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Beatrix will become famous soon enough

Originally Posted by Budgiekin View Post
I'll move this to the genetics section.

While I have no clue about mutations, I did want to say how incredibly adorable they are! I have to try to beat Teasha so I can have them instead of her!
Originally Posted by Budgiekin View Post
No worries.

I'm still in awe over them! I don't think I have ever seen two budgies with that colouring before... WOW! I think I am in love!!

As for the wings: You mean one wing on each budgie is clipped? I never understand why anyone does that. If they were mine, I'd clip the other one so that my budgies were more balanced. They can actually injure themselves when they try to fly with lopsided clips like that since they can't go straight.

Did I say how adorable they are!?!? Sigh....
They are adorable.. I know.. I can't believe there are two more here.. that is so crazy

yes one wing on each is clipped .. and the one that is cut looks oddly cut.. I too think that I have to even them out.. the shop owner says they glide down.. but both of these guys could barley get on the perch above.. (they were housed in a bin with glass in front and just a floor) I am told they arrived only yesterday.. they are not too shy either.. I was able to feed them Millet seeds (oh thank god for those) hi hi

Originally Posted by flynflower View Post
They are GORGEOUS , that's what they are! lol
I know.. this is terrible Patricia.. I can't have two more can I ?