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Originally Posted by Corina View Post
Here are my guesses..

Chick 1 - Violet dominant pied, skyblue or cobalt
Chick 2 - Violet skyblue opaline
Chick 3 - Violet DF dominant pied skyblue or cobalt
Chick 4 - Violet skyblue opaline

Seems like daddy is carrying opaline which means the opaline bubs are females and the other two must be males split for opaline. Lucky they are all violet

I'm not an expert! but those are my opinions
Thankyou, very helpful. I didnt realise... If dad carries a
hidden opaline gene, then all opaline bubs are female
They ARE both female, eldest pied is female also the one
with allt he black on her head, and the other pied is male.
So I guess the pied male is split for opaline?

Originally Posted by teasha View Post
With as much white those two have I'd sar recessive pied or double factor dominant pied. Recessive=no iris and DF dom pied=iris But you won't know till they are older. If I remember right wasn't one of the parents DF dom pied?
Yes Grace is DF dom pied, I still wonder how that works
between double & single factor DP.

Originally Posted by Beatrix View Post
I don't know but they are Adorable !!
hehhe yes they are

Originally Posted by nev90 View Post
Two are opaline. The other two are pieds but need a better picture to be sure about the type
Thanks I guess I already gathered that.

Originally Posted by finefeathers View Post
aw they are so cute Teegzy, the two you think are opaline are opaline (i love opalines), and the other two pied, im not sure on what type of pied. they are just getting cuter and cuter.
Hehe they are arnt they. They are so big now